If you are an empty nester for a soon-to-be-one, you know that it's a phase of life that can come with mixed emotions. On the one hand, you may feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as your children embark on their own journeys. On the other hand, you may feel a sense of loss or loneliness as your home becomes quieter and your daily routines change.

If you're experiencing these emotions, know that you're not alone. In fact, many people go through the empty nester experience, and it's a topic that's worth exploring.


That's why I invite you to listen to my latest video, "The Ups and Downs in the Journey of an Empty Nester.” In this historical first episode, we explored what it means to be an empty nester, the emotions that can come with this phase of life, and practical tips on how to make the most of your empty nest years.

We discussed how to rediscover yourself, explore new opportunities, connect with others, and prioritize your well-being. We also touched on the benefits of investing in natural wellness solutions to support your overall health and happiness. But, now lets' go a little deeper into how you can make this season the best season in your life.


As a Christian, I believe that God has given us everything we need to support our health and well-being. This includes natural wellness solutions, such as essential oils and herbal supplements, which can be used to promote physical and emotional wellness without relying on harsh chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

When we turn to natural remedies, we are honoring God's design for our bodies and seeking to support our health in a way that aligns with His plan. Essential oils, for example, are made from the aromatic compounds of plants, which God created to be used for our benefit. When we use essential oils for their therapeutic properties, we are tapping into the healing power of God's creation.

Similarly, herbal supplements are made from plant extracts, which God has provided for our nourishment and healing. When we use herbal supplements to support our health, we are recognizing the abundance of God's provision and trusting in His plan for our well-being.

Of course, as with any health-related decision, it's important to seek guidance from God and wise counsel from healthcare professionals. But as Christians, we can take comfort in the fact that God has given us natural remedies that can be used to support our health and well-being. By exploring these natural wellness solutions, we can honor God's design for our bodies and seek to live healthy, vibrant lives that bring glory to Him.

If you find that you are experiencing a range of emotions, such as sadness, grief, and even anxiety, you might want to consider a technique called, Aroma Freedom. 

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is a powerful tool that can help you transition smoothly into this new phase of life. This gentle technique combines the use of essential oils with specific coaching techniques that will help you identify and release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. 

As you adjust to your new roles and identities the AFT can help you embrace new opportunities that come with this new phase of life. By identifying and releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs, you may also find that you are embracing a positive mindset and a sense of purpose that will help you thrive in this new chapter of your life. 

Whether you are looking to pursue new interests, rediscover old passions, or simply find joy in the present moment, AFT can be a valuable tool in navigating your transition with grace and confidence. 


Whether you're just beginning the empty nester journey or are already in the thick of it, I also have a video that provides additional support, encouragement, and practical tips that will help you to turn this special time in your life into a time of growth, new experiences, and personal fulfillment.

If you haven't already, please consider taking the time to listen in on my video where we will walk on this journey, navigating this new chapter of life together with wisdom, grace, and a spirit of gratitude. 

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