How to Install Pegboard the Easy Way

My pegboard adventure began when I felt the need to store my many cones of knitting yarn in a tiny crafting space. Out of pure necessity, I came up with the idea of using my wall space for this task. LIGHT-BULB moment > Pegboard... pegboard would be the perfect answer.

But, I had no idea of how I was going to be able to install it without a helper.

DIY: Tiny Sewing, Crafting, Knitting Nook

Hey, it's not easy downsizing your sewing, crafting, knitting area from a huge space to a teeny tiny room, that you thought at first was a walk-in closet... but it can be done. With a little determination and thoughtful planning, it can be done. (Read to the bottom to receive one of my favorite digitized embroidery designs free).

I was absolutely amazed that I could get so much in such a small space. And the wonderful thing about it is, that it’s actually easier to work in a smaller space because you are forced to be more organized. 

So, let me share with you a few things you are gonna’ want to know when designing your own tiny space.