How to Cope with 2020

How to cope with 2020. I want to talk about a couple healthy ways. First of all, many people, I have noticed, are turning to eating, so as to soothe their worried soul. Which is okay if what you are turning to are healthy choices. I mean really, we all need healthy nourishment every day. 

So, here's one yummy option I like... that of using citrus oils in a quick and easy snack. Did you know that you can cook with a GRAS certified essential oil? You can and it is oh, so healthy and oh, so handy and oh, so yummy. 

Finding calm in the midst of a chaotic day

Are you ready to go from chaos... to calm,
overwhelmed... to peaceful,
frazzled... to uplifted?

Yeah, me too! Many people long for a calmness of spirit in the midst of a chaotic day, because we were designed for just that. Even so, that is not what we always experience. In fact, more times than not, in the hustle and bustle of life, we experience just the opposite. And even though we may promise ourselves a little TLC, it seems that before we know it, the day is gone and so, our plans for a little, much deserved, self care to lift our spirit, is put off for yet another day. 

But... what if I told you that you could create your own little oasis in just 15 minutes a day...