Let’s talk about the importance of cultivating a healthy mindset. Given the challenges of the past few years, it's crucial to address this topic head-on.

"Just like ants at a picnic, negative thoughts can invade your mind."

In his groundbreaking book, Change Your Brain Change Your Life, Dr. Daniel G Amen introduces the concept of Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs). These ANTs are like tenacious pests that infiltrate our minds if we allow them to. They come in various forms, and here are five examples to expand your understanding.

ANT #1: Catastrophizing – This ANT specializes in blowing things out of proportion and anticipating the worst-case scenarios, even in situations where it's unlikely. For instance, thinking, "If I don't ace this interview, my entire career will be ruined!" Catastrophizing ANTs can intensify anxiety and stress. 

ANT #2: Overgeneralizing – Ever caught yourself making sweeping negative conclusions based on a single event? That's the overgeneralizing ANT at work. For example, having one bad customer experience and thinking, "All customers are rude and impossible to please." Overgeneralizing ANTs can create a negative mindset that impacts your relationships and self-esteem.

ANT #3: Personalizing – This ANT convinces you that everything revolves around you, even when it has nothing to do with you. You might assume someone's cold mood is because of something you did, when in reality, they have personal issues unrelated to you. Personalizing ANTs can lead to unnecessary guilt and self-blame.

ANT #4: Fortune-telling – This one is similar to the first ANT, Catastrophizing, but a little different. Predicting the worst even though you don't know what will happen is the hallmark of the fortune-telling ANT. Examples include: "I just had a biopsy. I am sure it is cancer". Nobody is safe from fortune-telling ANTs.

ANT #5: Mind reading – It is called mind-reading when you think that you know what somebody else is thinking even though they have not told you and you have not asked them. Listen carefully to the other person before predicting what they have to say.

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