The Unburnt Bush: Exploring Curiosity as a Path to God

Exodus 3:1-15

In the heart of the desert, amid the silent whispers of sand and stone, a tale unfolded that would forever echo in the annals of faith. This ancient narrative, captured in the book of Exodus, chapter 3, verses 1-15, isn't merely a recounting of events past; it's an invitation, a guiding light for us today, illuminating the path toward a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. It begins with Moses, a shepherd in the wilderness of Midian, who encounters an extraordinary revelation—an encounter that offers profound insights into the nature of curiosity and the pursuit of the Divine in the midst of life's inexplicable moments.

As Moses tended to his flock, he stumbled upon a sight that was as bewildering as it was mesmerizing: a bush, engulfed in flames, yet not consumed. The scripture recounts, "Moses said, 'I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.'" (Exodus 3:3). In this simple yet profound decision, Moses epitomizes the essence of spiritual curiosity—a virtue that beckons each of us to pause, to turn aside from our daily routines, and to explore the deeper mysteries that lie before us.


Curiosity, in its purest form, is an innate longing to know, to understand, and to discover. It's a divine spark within each of us that propels us beyond the confines of complacency into a relentless quest for truth. Moses' response to the burning bush teaches us that when faced with occurrences that defy our understanding, our first step should be towards, not away. It's in these moments of divine wonder that God often chooses to reveal Himself, to speak to our hearts in ways that transcend human reasoning.

What Moses encounters next is a revelation of God's name and nature, a holy calling, and a glimpse into the redemptive narrative God was weaving for His people. But none of this would have unfolded had Moses not allowed his curiosity to lead him closer. His decision to "turn aside" illustrates a pivotal spiritual principle: to seek God, especially in circumstances that defy our expectations, requires a deliberate action, a step of faith into the unknown. 


The burning bush represents more than a miraculous phenomenon; it symbolizes the mysteries of God's presence, burning intensely yet not consuming, drawing us closer, inviting us into a deeper understanding of who He is. Moses' curiosity opened the door to divine revelation. In a world where the holy and the commonplace intertwine, our willingness to explore, to question, and to seek out God in the ordinary and the extraordinary becomes a vital pathway to encountering His presence.

God's response to Moses' curiosity is profound and personal. He calls Moses by name, establishing a connection that is both intimate and transformative. God doesn't rebuke Moses for his curiosity; rather, He welcomes it, using it as the foundation for one of the most pivotal dialogues in biblical history. This teaches us that God is not intimidated by our questions, our wonders, or our desire to understand the mysteries that surround Him. Instead, He invites us to come closer, to engage with Him, and to allow our curiosity to lead us into deeper relationship with Him.


From Moses' encounter with the burning bush, we learn that moments that defy our expectations are often the very instances God uses to capture our attention, to recalibrate our direction, and to commission us for His purposes. Moses went from being a shepherd in the wilderness to a leader of nations, not because he had all the answers, but because he was willing to turn aside, to listen, and to obey the call of God. 

In our lives, when we encounter moments of divine mystery, our response should mirror that of Moses. We are called to approach with an open heart, ready to be led, ready to be changed. Our curiosity, when guided by a desire to know God more, becomes a sacred journey, a pursuit that leads us not just to answers, but to a deeper encounter with the God who calls us by name.

As we reflect on the story of Moses and the burning bush, let us embrace our God-given curiosity. Let it draw us closer to the heart of God, especially in moments that defy our expectations. Let us, like Moses, be ready to turn aside, to explore the depths of God's mysteries, and to be transformed by His presence. The burning bushes in our lives—those moments of divine wonder—are not mere anomalies; they are invitations. Invitations to encounter God, to hear His voice, and to step into the unique calling He has for each of us.

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May our curiosity always lead us closer to the Divine, and may our lives reflect the transformative power of encountering God, just as Moses did in the wilderness. 

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