To engage your mind, energize your body, and calm your emotions, carve out a little quiet time with the Lord, as you breathe in the soul soothing aromas of essential oils. 

The wonderful combination of prayer and oils offers both relaxation and energizing benefits at the same time while developing a mind-body connection that cannot be realized in any other way. 

Research has shown that simply breathing in the aromatic molecules of plants (God's medicines) may physically change the brain and body, improving health and promoting healthier behaviors. 

In just five short minutes a day, you can enjoy: better focus, clearer thinking, and healthier emotions, which all adds up to a more positive outlook on life. And who doesn't need a boost in that area, from time to time? 

Essential oils and the sense of smell 

Of the five senses, our sense of smell is the most primitive. This sense is the one that is most closely associated with our emotions and how our bodies respond to them. Essential oils are known to activate the limbic region of the brain and to release negative emotions stored there. I am convinced that they are absolutely, a gift from God. 

Use them in the morning to bring focus and clarity for the day. Use them in the evening to wind down as you prepare for a restful nights sleep. You can choose a single oil that seems perfect for that given moment or you might want to create a blend of your favorite oils.
Daily use of essential oils will stimulate deep breathing, relaxation and better sleep. Morning, noon or night... it doesn't matter. Simply find a cozy place to be still and relax. Place a drop of oil in the palms of your hands and breathe in a wonderful aroma that will promote a healthier emotional state. 

How can what you breathe in do that? - Listen to a doctor's explanation on anxiety, essential oils, and illnesses. 

The simplest way to use an essential oil
A simple way to use an essential oil is to apply one drop to the palms of your hands, rub them together, bring your hands close to your nose and breathe in deeply. To promote a sense of calm try an essential oil blend called, Peace & Calming. You will be amazed how one drop will help you to unwind as you let go of the stress and tension from the day. 
During my daily devotions I like to add a few drops of Stress Away and Vanilla to my diffuser. The aroma is amazing!! And I almost always have a bottle of Frankincense handy, as well. Frankincense is arguably one of the most desired essential oils available today, especially for prayer time. But, that's not all... it's said to have over 1000 uses. It has gained notoriety for supporting the immune system, maintaining a vibrant complexion, reducing anxiety, calming the nerves, reducing pain and swelling, and YES... enhancing prayer going all the way back to ancient times. 

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