Many ponder whether it’s feasible to once again find themselves basking in the warmth of hope, happiness, and contentedness after enduring profound sadness. And the resounding response based on countless experiences and observations is a heartfelt yes. The resurgence of these uplifting emotions is not only possible but also likely, paving the way for a rejuvenated outlook on life.

Navigating through the landscape of sadness is a pilgrimage many of us will undertake at various times in our lives. It's a journey shrouded not just in the temporary cloak of sorrow but ultimately illuminated by the potential for personal growth and renewed joy. As a spiritual leader and pastor, I bear witness to various souls as they traversed through the different terrains of grief and sadness. From those taking their first tentative steps into the realms of despair to others who found themselves circling back to familiar stages, my role was always to accompany them through their darkest hours to the dawn of new beginnings. And this I know, there's an undeniable power in embracing a positive outlook, deeply rooted in faith, as the compass guiding us through the five stages of sadness.

In the unprecedented times of 2020, as the world grappled with the onset of the pandemic, I found myself in a unique position. While leading two small, close-knit congregations in East Texas, the rapid changes and ensuing uncertainty didn't just affect the people I was serving; they left a profound impact on me as well. As a spiritual leader, the responsibility to be a beacon of calm in the tumult was clear, yet the task felt daunting amidst my own whirlwind of emotions. The weight of making critical decisions for our communities only added to the challenge.

However, it was during this period of introspection and seeking that I discovered a powerful tool to enhance my daily prayer and mindfulness practices: anointing with oils for emotional support. As someone who places immense value on faith and prayer, I was initially skeptical about the potential benefits of using essential oils in this way. However, it wasn't long before I witnessed their remarkable influence firsthand. Despite the challenges and sorrow that came with 2020, these natural wonders helped me rediscover joy in my life.

The question often arises: What does joy have to do with sadness? Well, the answer lies in the transformative power of hope and the resilience of the human spirit, fortified by a steadfast reliance on divine support during the toughest of times. This journey, marked by its complexity and necessity, isn't promised to be without its challenges. However, the pathway can be made more navigable, and perhaps a bit less daunting, with the right guidance and resources.

Another common question is: Can a journey through sadness be straightforward and linear, never to retread old ground? And the reality is far from it. It's not only possible but also common for individuals to revisit various stages of their grief journey. This isn’t indicative of a failure or setback but rather a part of the highly personal and non-linear process of healing. Understanding that this is a normal aspect of grieving can offer comfort and reassurance during moments of resurgence or reflection.

Even so, the pace at which individuals move through the stages of sadness varies greatly. Why do some seem to navigate the process with relative ease, while others appear to become ensnared within a particular phase? Several factors play critical roles in this dynamic, including the acceptance of sadness as a natural phase of life, an informed understanding of the grief process, and a reliance on spiritual strength. Moreover, there exists a unique ally in this journey: the utilization of essential oils crafted to resonate with the emotional center of the brain.

The aromatic molecules from plants, created on the third day, have the profound capacity to support emotional well-being. Their aromas can penetrate deep within the brain's limbic system, an area directly connected to emotions, memory, and mood regulation. This natural influence on emotions can provide a sense of comfort, balance, and peace during times of sadness. Furthermore, when combined with a deep-rooted faith and an educational framework surrounding the grief process, these oils can significantly cushion the emotional upheavals associated with sadness.

The therapeutic qualities of essential oils have been embraced for centuries, yet their application in aiding the emotional journey through sadness is particularly remarkable. Certain oils are known for their uplifting and soothing properties, offering a form of natural support that, when paralleled with faith, can significantly enhance the resilience of the grieving spirit.

In essence, the relationship between positivity and sadness is intricately complex yet inherently hopeful. Positivity, borne of unwavering faith and supplemented by natural aids like essential oils, serves as a beacon of light guiding the weary traveler through the stages of sadness. It stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of hope that, even in the darkest of times, leads us back to a place of contentment, joy, and renewed purpose.

For those journeying through the valleys of sadness, remember this: you are not alone. With faith as your foundation and the gentle embrace of natural remedies like essential oils, the path ahead, though fraught with challenge, leads also to the possibility of transformation and the rediscovery of happiness. The journey through sadness, steeped in education, faith, and natural support, can ultimately evolve into a journey of profound personal growth and emotional renewal.

This was my own realization in 2020. Incorporating specific essential oils, designed for emotional support, into my daily practice led to a remarkable change in my life. They not only offered me the composure needed to serve my communities effectively but also sharpened my focus and heightened my sense of connection to divine guidance. This journey through anointing with oils became a cornerstone in navigating the complex emotions of those challenging times.

The experience sparked a deeper exploration into the ways essential oils can be a source of comfort and support through life’s difficult moments, especially in navigating the intricate stages of grief and loss. The insights gained have been transformative, and I'm eager to pass this knowledge on to others who might find themselves overwhelmed by life's unpredictability.

If you're navigating through a tough season and are seeking ways to reclaim those positive vibes in your life, I invite you to watch my podcast. It’s a heartfelt share about how an age-old practice, the anointing with oil might uplift and support you through the various stages of your own journey.