Aroma. Faith, and Counseling

The pursuit of wellness and personal transformation is an ongoing journey, one that involves much more than physical health or the absence of crisis. It demands a deep exploration into the essence of our being, uncovering and comprehending our drives, actions, and thought processes, thus harmonizing them with the core values that steer our journey through life.

Counseling as discussed by pastor John Beeson, in his article, offers profound insights into the importance of exploring the inner landscapes of one’s heart. Angel Beeson, his wife and a biblical counselor, illuminates a profound truth from Jeremiah 17:9, focusing on the heart's deceptive nature and the necessity for divine transformation—a journey not solely for times of crisis but as a proactive measure towards spiritual and emotional growth. This scriptural insight underscores the complexity of our inner world and the importance of introspection and guidance in navigating it. By integrating the wisdom of scriptural teachings with the insights of psychological exploration, we uncover the significant impact that therapy and spiritual guidance can have in nurturing self-awareness, fostering spiritual growth, and cultivating a life of balance and harmony. This holistic approach can significantly amplify the process of healing and personal transformation.

Furthermore, in pastoral counseling settings I have found that the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT), developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, Ph.D., offers a groundbreaking pathway through which individuals can gently explore deep seated feelings and emotions. Both AFT and counseling in the pastoral setting can play a significant role in the healing process. Incorporating aromas, through the use of pure essential oils, creates an environment that encourages relaxation, openness, and a heightened state of mindfulness. Embracing the essence of aromas, created on the third day, cultivates an environment that nurtures the opening of hearts and minds, allowing the indwelling Holy Spirit to work more profoundly from within.

Proverbs 20:5 emphasizes the depth and intricacy within our hearts and underscores the importance of seeking wise counsel to uncover and understand our true feelings. The blending of counseling, faith, and the transformative practice of aromatherapy, particularly through techniques such as Aroma Freedom, enhances this journey of self-discovery. It leverages the profound impact aromas have – in accessing deeper emotional realms and creating a harmonious path to emotional well-being. This process can help bring to light hidden fears, desires, or unresolved issues, thus enhancing the counseling experience itself. By adding the layers of faith and aroma-infused introspection, individuals are offered a unique method for self-discovery and emotional release.

Drawing from the biblical stories of Abraham, Moses, and Job, Gary Smith, a soul care provider, points to the heart's complexity and its propensity to lead one astray. He emphasizes the importance of gaining outside perspectives to uncover the heart's hidden depths—akin to the need for spiritual 'checkups'. In this vein, aromatherapy can serve as a complimentary practice, assisting in creating a reflective and meditative space conducive to these spiritual health assessments. The calming and invigorating properties of certain essential oils can help both the counselor and the counselee to maintain focus and clarity during sessions, facilitating deeper discussions and insights.

Mark Nichols, counselor, educator, and clinical supervisor, writes: 

Significant changes in heart, behavior or thought rarely occur in crisis moments. Energy is diverted to management of the crisis, not change. Frequently, people will stop counseling once the crisis has subsided – the pain is diminished, calm restored, and there is a bit of breathing room so “things are OK, right?” Then he goes on to say: But foundational concerns can be examined when the storm has passed, and conversations can occur with the information from the crisis.

When we take into account the understanding that significant changes rarely occur in crisis moments but rather in calm and reflection, we realize that this is where the Aroma Freedom Technique shines as a powerful ally. By creating a space for individuals to encounter and release emotional blocks in a calm, reflective state, the Aroma Freedom Technique supports the foundational work needed for lasting change. It encourages individuals to address what lies beneath the surface, preventing future disruptions and promoting a more congruent life, where the inside matches the outside, and body and spirit are in harmony.

For those seeking a certified Aroma Freedom practitioner, one should look for these things: a trusted space, wisdom, discernment, and the reliance on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. While not a substitute for professional counseling, the Aroma Freedom Technique, under the guidance of a certified AFT practitioner who is grounded in faith, can be an invaluable complementary practice. It offers a profound way to engage with one's inner life in the presence of the Holy Spirit, allowing the power of scent to facilitate deeper thoughtfulness, release, and healing.

Keeping the momentum going between counseling sessions is crucial, and a remarkably efficient method to achieve this is through Aroma Freedom sessions. With the guidance of a trained AFT practitioner, you'll be equipped with the skills to conduct effective self-guided sessions in the peace and privacy of your home. Integrating aromatherapy into your daily practice at home is a simple and effective way to engage in calm, reflective moments allowing the aromas to do what they do best. Essential oils such as lavender, known for its calming properties, or frankincense, associated with spiritual connection, are two of the aromas used in the Aroma Freedom Technique to support this tranquil environment conducive to profound growth and change.

Understanding and transforming our hearts and minds is a vital part of our spiritual journey, one that can be greatly enhanced by the insights of counseling and the unique support offered by the Aroma Freedom Technique. Together, these tools empower individuals to face their feelings with courage and openness, supported by the wisdom of Scripture, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the powerful benefits of aromas. As we seek to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, these practices offer valuable pathways toward healing, growth, and a deeper alignment with our true selves as created in the image of God. This holistic approach invites individuals to embark on a transformative journey towards self-awareness, spiritual growth, and emotional well-being.

Incorporating the Aroma Freedom Technique as an additional tool in one's journey toward personal and spiritual growth aligns with a holistic wellbeing designed by our Creator. It acknowledges the complexity of our inner lives and offers a unique, gentle, and effective method for engaging with and transforming our hearts and minds. Whether used alongside counseling or as a stand-alone practice, the Aroma Freedom Technique is a powerful ally in the quest for a more fulfilled, balanced, and spiritually aligned life.

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