A Biblical Perspective: Energy Centers of the Body

The topic of energetic balance and the relationship between our physical and spiritual bodies has sparked interest among various individuals, including those of the Christian faith. As a pastor and certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner it has been crucial for me to explore the scientific and scriptural aspects of somatic energy. Somatic energy refers to the subtle and vital energy that exists within our physical bodies. It is the life force that flows through every cell, tissue, and organ, influencing our overall health and well-being. 

STOP the Stress cycle

You and I both know that stress, sleep, and sadness are three words that do not pair well together. Too much stress usually equals too little sleep, which in turn leaves you more tired, more cranky, and more anxious and stressed out. So how can you stop this vicious cycle?

I am excited to share that I am partnering with two ministry associates (chaplain friends) to bring an event called: "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted," where we will be offering advise

Tackle your daily tasks with focus and enthusiasm!

To engage your mind, energize your body, and calm your emotions, carve out a little quiet time with the Lord, as you breathe in the soul soothing aromas of essential oils. 

The wonderful combination of prayer and oils offers both relaxation and energizing benefits at the same time, while developing a mind-body connection that cannot be realized in any other way. 
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