A Peaceful Path for Expectant Moms

Hey there mom-to-be, plug into the power of positive feelings! Did you know that emotions can impact the genetic makeup of your unborn baby? It's been scientifically proven. That's why it's crucial to promote positive feelings during pregnancy! But I've got something exciting to share with you - the Aroma Freedom technique! This powerful tool can help you release negative thoughts and feelings, allowing you to create the perfect emotional environment for your little bundle of joy. 

As a bonus, I've included some easy-peasy tips to bring peace and calm throughout your journey. Get ready to learn how simple it is to create a healthy emotional world for you and your baby!


Soothe Your Soul: Natural Remedies for Stress

Welcome, friend! It warms my heart to have you here on my blog. It's truly remarkable how God's hand works in our lives, and I believe that it's a testament to the power of faith and divine involvement that you landed here. Can I get an amen?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and burdened by stress? Don't worry! I'm here to tell you that there's an array of natural remedies out there that can help you hit pause on your worries and soothe your mind & body. Here are a few suggestions. 

Empty Nesters: Make this season the best season in your life


If your answer is "YES," you know that it's a phase of life that can come with mixed emotions. On the one hand, you may feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as your children embark on their own journeys. On the other hand, you may feel a sense of loss or loneliness as your home becomes quieter and your daily routines change.

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