How to Cope with 2020

How to cope with 2020. I want to talk about a couple healthy ways. First of all, many people, I have noticed, are turning to eating, so as to soothe their worried soul. Which is okay if what you are turning to are healthy choices. I mean really, we all need healthy nourishment every day. 

So, here's one yummy option I like... that of using citrus oils in a quick and easy snack. Did you know that you can cook with a GRAS certified essential oil? You can and it is oh, so healthy and oh, so handy and oh, so yummy. 

How to make a Healthy Candle Scent

If you love the scent and ambiance of burning candles as I do, but are also wanting to care for your health, you are gonna' love this idea. When we are all thinking about pumpkin-spice and other lovely scents of the season, fall is the perfect time to grab a few empty amber bottles (dropper or spray top work best) and make a healthy candle scent. 

I used to spent lots of $$$ on sweet smelling candles, especially in the fall because I loved the smell and was oblivious to the fact that it was harming my health. Not any more, though. Today I enjoy my favorite scents with the peace that comes from switching to a healthy alternative.

How to Install Pegboard the Easy Way

My pegboard adventure began when I felt the need to store my many cones of knitting yarn in a tiny crafting space. Out of pure necessity, I came up with the idea of using my wall space for this task. LIGHT-BULB moment > Pegboard... pegboard would be the perfect answer.

But, I had no idea of how I was going to be able to install it without a helper.
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