Are you ready to go from chaos... to calm,
overwhelmed... to peaceful,
frazzled... to uplifted?

Yeah, me too! Many people long for a calmness of spirit in the midst of a chaotic day, because we were designed for just that. Even so, that is not what we always experience. In fact, more times than not, in the hustle and bustle of life, we experience just the opposite. And even though we may promise ourselves a little TLC, it seems that before we know it, the day is gone and so, our plans for a little, much deserved, self care to lift our spirit, is put off for yet another day. 

But... what if I told you that you could create your own little oasis in just 15 minutes a day? Would that make your ears perk up a little? If so, read on to learn my three simple steps to a calm and peaceful spirit. 

Make your bed and tidy up your living space. Wait... what! Yes, I said it. Your space doesn't have to be fancy, but it does need to be neat and organized if you are seeking to have a calmer day. And if you have children, teach them to do the same. Studies show that if your space is neat and organized than it is much easier for your thoughts to be organized as well, reducing overall stress. If you have prepared your space the night before, this shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. If, on the other hand, your space has been neglected for a too long (ooops, been there more often than I would like to admit) and the project will require more time, do what you can in 5 minutes and add the deep-cleaning project for later in the day or on the weekend.  

Intentionally carve out 10 minutes each morning. If you have to tell yourself the night before... "I WILL take my 10 minutes of quiet time in the morning after I tidy up my space and before I do anything else," do it. Promise yourself that as soon as possible, you will do what will bring peace to your day. You will be amazed at how these two little steps can set the tone for your whole day. Even if you have to get up a few minutes earlier than normal, do it for yourself and for your family. This is NOT optional if you want to find the peace that you are longing for and in the process, be a calming presence for those around you. And that's an added bonus... it is so much easier to find that happy place when the whole family has a sense of security. When the adult of the family (that's you) is cool and collected, the rest of the family, more than likely, will follow suite. Funny how that works... next time there is a storm brewing, try your best to be intentionally cool and collected and watch how others around you respond.

Okay, so if you can spend your 10 minutes outside near the sound of moving water, that would be even better. You can make your own little water fountain, for just a few dollars. All you need is a large barrel or flower pot at least 24" wide, or if you have a little pond in your backyard, that will work fine, too. I used a wooden flower barrel with a plastic insert that's about 4" deep. Next, I lined the plastic insert with some pretty pebbles and filled it with water, put a solar fountain (that I found on the internet) in the water and secured it with the fishing line and two suction cups that came with it. This is important because you don't want the water splashing out over the sides and emptying the barrel (turn the sound up on the video & enjoy)!

Begin your 10 minutes of quiet time with deep breathing. Breathe in for 3 seconds and breathe out for 6 seconds. Repeat this several times. If you want to incorporate essential oils into your time of stillness, there are many good choices, like Frankincense, to help you move into a space of higher spiritual awareness, where you may find peace, balance and understanding. 

Just make sure that you are using a pure, therapeutic grade oil because not all oils are created equal... You will get what you pay for. There are many health benefits that go along with combining prayer and oils, as long as they are pure, therapeutic grade oils. 

Now, take your 10 minutes (or longer if you choose) to sit quietly and listen for guidance and direction for the day. If you enjoy reading scripture, you may do that too, as you listen quietly. 

Drink a warm glass of lemon water and eat a healthy breakfast if you like. I personally, have chosen to fast from 8 pm the night before until 12 noon, so I have a 2 ounce serving of an antioxidant drink instead of breakfast. I call it my miracle juice because It gives me a nice, even energy flow through out the day, cleanses by system and decreases inflammation. Which, in turn has helped me to reach my weight management goals. 

And... this intermittent juice fast is very healthy for the body, allowing the organs of the digestive system to enjoy a time of rest and healing. And when the digestive system is healthy and in proper working order, there is a special kind of peace and comfort that goes along with that (need I say more). Anyway, that's for another post... 

Okay, time to get started. Easy peasy... 

Three steps to finding calm in the midst of a chaotic day...
  • Tidy up your space
    • begin by making your bed
  • Take 10 minutes of quiet time,
    • breathe deeply (using essential oils if you want to)
    • + go outside if possible, near the sound of moving water
  • Drink a warm cup of water with lemon 
    • (freshly squeezed or 1 drop vitality essential oil will do) 
    • + eat a healthy breakfast or drink your antioxidant juice
You've got this!

Want to learn more about how to enjoy rest & refreshment even on the most difficult of days?


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