Sooth Your Soul: Natural Remedies for Stress

Welcome, friend! It warms my heart to have you here on my blog. It's truly remarkable how God's hand works in our lives, and I believe that it's a testament to the power of faith and divine involvement that you landed here. Can I get an amen?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or burdened by stress? Don't worry! I'm here to tell you that there's an array of natural remedies out there that can help you hit pause on your worries and soothe your mind, body & soul as you pamper yourself with a little self care. Here are a few suggestions. 


Just for kids!

Hey friend, I am thrilled to introduce the Calm essential oil blend, a wonderful addition to my oils for the grandkids collection. This incredible blend, featured in the Seedlings products, is now available for purchase as a standalone essential oil. As mothers and grandmothers, we constantly make decisions regarding the well-being and happiness of our youngest family members. That's why I'm so grateful for a reliable and dependable source for all of our health needs.

The newest addition to the Seedling line of products, Calm, combines


A Biblical Perspective: Energy Centers of the Body

The topic of energetic balance and the relationship between our physical and spiritual bodies has sparked interest among various individuals, including those of the Christian faith. As a pastor and certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner it has been crucial for me to explore the scientific and scriptural aspects of somatic energy. Somatic energy refers to the subtle and vital energy that exists within our physical bodies. It is the life force that flows through every cell, tissue, and organ, influencing our overall health and well-being. 
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