There's nothing I hate more... than being lied to!

Have you heard about GREENWASHING?

We think we are making the best choices for ourselves and for our babies, right? 

But then we find out that the products we have been using for years are not safe at all, but are loaded with toxins & harmful chemicals and there is no one to protect us... What... really ?????!!!!! ... MORE

Back to School with Essential Oils

Consistency is KEY with oils. If you use these oils every single day instead of waiting for a problem to develop, the oils can help you maintain you and your child's health. 

But if you find yourself or your kiddos needing to stay home, double the frequency with which you use your essential oils and use Thieves Cough Drops or Thieves Lozenges to help! 

Your kids will be back at it in no time... MORE

Oils for College Students

What if you could enjoy fun student activities like staying up late studying and hanging with friends and still feel rested, focused, and chill enough to succeed in all the student must-dos like tests, projects, and more?

Living the ‘Student Life’ can be stressful, exhausting, messy, and overwhelming. But it can also be vibrant, organized, fulfilling, and rewarding if you have the knowledge and tools to properly care for your body and mind... MORE

Antioxidants, Why are they Important?

Because they are the antidote to oxidative stress!

Oxidative stress or damage is caused by free radicals latching onto healthy atoms and stealing their electrons in an attempt to stabilize, which causes oxidation. An example of oxidation is visible when a sliced apple exposed to the air turns brown.

Oxidation has been implicated in the origin of more than 100 human diseases and in the aging process... MORE

When it comes to your health, are you...
  • Stressed around the clock? 
  • Constantly getting sick? 
  • Experiencing tummy issues galore? 
  • Feeling sluggish on the regular?
These could all be warning signs of a troubled immune system.

When the immune system is compromised, it can't do its job defending you from intruders. 

Want to know what's weakening your immune system in the first place? Grab this class to learn the shocking truth and find out how you can turn things around!

Ready to polish up your wellness plan...
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Happy Hormones

It's all about caring for that endocrine (hormone regulating) system. When your endocrine system is wacky, you may notice things like:

  • moodiness
  • poor sleep quality
  • night sweats
  • & low libido,
  • just to name a few... MORE

Love & Intimacy
Love and connection are a vital part of our health. Our mind and body are so interconnected, that cultivating sincere relationships not only bolsters us emotionally, it keeps us healthier in the long run. 

Do something fun (and still healthy!) to celebrate:
  • make a DIY Hormone Support Smoothie
  • take a relaxing bath with epsom salt & a few drops of Frankincense
  • try a new walking trail or park
  • join us as we focus on love and intimacy to promote overall health!... MORE

A Special Start for Littles

Have you heard the shocking news !?!

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) found 200+ chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies, including ones that are harmful to the development of your precious baby. 
  • That means that our babies are exposed to chemicals from the second they are conceived. 
  • And of course, we want to continue to select safe & effective products for our littles once they are born... MORE

Calm, Happy, Confident Kids

So many products sold to us on a regular basis can contain toxins that can accumulate in our bodies, especially our children’s bodies...

We definitely don’t want that! 

  • It’s important to choose products that are TRULY safe. 
  • Many products are being advertised as “all-natural”, but are they really all that safe?
  • The packages are pretty and the labels are clever, but the more you dig, the more you find out.... MORE

Do you love animals?

Are you always on the look out for things that will improve life for your furry friends? Yes... then listen up.  
Did you know that 100% pure essential oils can be oh sooo beneficial for your furr-babies? That's right. God not only designed the pure essence of the plants to work within the human body, but also within the bodies of our pets. . . 

Ready to polish up your wellness plan...
but not sure where to begin?

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Tween Talk

Did you know that tweens (ages 8-12) have soooo much more going on in their maturing brain then at any other time in their life? 

This little tidbit of info is a huge win for those of us who are using oils. Gain a deeper understanding of...
  • why your tween is not acting like their normal self 
  • what's really going on in their maturing brain
  • plus, how you can love on & support them at this time
It's all in the video... MORE

Hormones for Him

Hormones are chemical messengers in the body, produced by the glands and secreted directly into the circulatory system so that homeostasis (balance) is maintained.

Your body is constantly trying to keep your system in balance but it’s no small task. Things like stress, insufficient diets, poor food choices, inadequate sleep, synthetic hormones, genetics, and less active lifestyles can throw hormones out of whack and create health problems. 

But there is good news! MORE

Menopause Essentials

Aging often visibly accelerates in menopause and preparation for aging and menopause with the proper tools is key. 

There is scientific backing that supports the use of aromatherapy essential oils and herbal medicine to provide menopause and aging relief... MORE

Massage Essentials

Massage can be a great way to enhance your wellness and bring natural relaxation to your body, especially when you add essential oils into the mix. 

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage therapy is becoming more widely accepted in major hospitals and in daily medical practices as a form of pain management, relief, and integrative health care... MORE

Ready to polish up your wellness plan...
but not sure where to begin?

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Clean & Safe Home

Check out this complete line of home and personal care products... infused with immune supporting essential oils!

  • This means our homes can be fresh, clean and toxin-free with ease… and smell incredible at the same time! 
  • High quality, effective products, sustainable sourcing, and safety for the whole family. That’s a winning situation! MORE

A Daily Routine for Clean Living

... without the overwhelming!

Sarah recently got her first box filled with goodies. 
  • She ordered a handful of new essential oils, some supplements, and a few personal care products. 
  • She’s super excited but feels a little lost. 
  • So, she asks her friend Brooke to show her what a typical day in her life looks like... MORE

Avoiding Endocrine Disrupters...

While the bath products we choose are theoretically designed to clean our bodies, that doesn’t necessarily mean the products themselves are “clean.”

When bath and toiletry products are referred to as “clean,” it means they’re created with mindfulness for the environment and our bodies. Clean products are free of certain chemicals called endocrine disruptors, which can harm... MORE

the Real Deal when it comes to CLEAN...

Looking to make things SIMPLE when starting your better choices journey? 

  • Check out these convenient starter bundles...
  • each uniquely designed to fit your budget and oily needs... MORE 

Ready to polish up your wellness plan...
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Sleep, Calming & Relaxation

This insta-class will give you the knowledge and tools to help you...
  • relax... 
  • get good rest... 
  • and support your body systems... 
  • so you stay healthy all year round!... MORE

Emotional Balance...

The molecules that we breathe in go straight into the limbic system of the brain, which...
  • is where our emotions and memories are stored. 
When we breathe in essential oils, the aromatic molecules...
  • give our body a new frequency and fresh stimulation to keep us on our toes.
Essential oils are the only known substance with the ability to support to our emotions in the most beneficial ways... MORE

Oil, Sip, Repeat...

It’s no secret that people love their coffee… and their tea. These two drinks continue to remain at the top of the list when it comes to popular beverages.
  • Hot or cold - fully caffeinated or decaf...
  • the world just loves their brew! 
But did you know that there is an entire collection of ingestible essential oils and they can totally bring your beverage game to the next level? ... MORE

10 ways to Improve your Hair, Skin & Nails

So often we look at our hair, skin, or nails and think it only needs support from the surface...

  • but that is definitely not the case! 
Our body is a complex web of interworking systems... 
  • but, don’t let that overwhelm you.
Learn the basics so you can see the whole picture... MORE

Ready to polish up your wellness plan...
but not sure where to begin?

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Digestive Support

One of the ways I used to feel the most powerless when taking care of our health prior to oils was with any type of stomach discomfort. 

Then we found this great blend of oils. Now every member of my family knows to grab that red bottle at the first signs of rumblings... MORE

5 Ways to Stress Less

8 out of 10 Americans say they are frequently or sometimes stressed...
  • so that means that MOST of us are feeling stress. 
Stress is a natural mechanism that helps when we are challenged...
  • but most have more stress than the body is made to handle. 
In fact, studies have shown that everyday stresses if left unchecked...
  • can negatively impact our health! MORE

Mental Wellbeing

Most of us know someone (or are someone) who struggles with mental health issues - most of America does - and even those who don’t suffer from long-term emotional issues usually experience occasional symptoms. This is a big issue to unpack.

It’s not news to us that our physical well being also has a profound impact on our emotional health. Inflammation, psychological stress and acute or chronic illness can actually cause your brain to shrink and research is showing that there are certain things that have some specific brain-healing properties... MORE

Oils & the Limbic System of the Brain

Let's talk about ANTS - Automatic Negative Thoughts. “Negative thoughts invade your mind like ants at a picnic." 

The nine different ways your thoughts lie to you and make situations seem worse than they are. When you can identify the type of ANT, you can take away the power they have over you... MORE
Ready to polish up your wellness plan...
but not sure where to begin?

Schedule a free consultation today...
to find the best plan at the best price for you!

How to use essential oils

With so many essential oils at your fingertips...

  • that have so many possible uses
  • you’re bound to wonder how to use them all. 

No worries—with a little help, you’ll be a pro in no time!... MORE 

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