Spirit Talk (Vol Ten) - In the Beginning

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This compelling collection presents 18 inspirational messages, each thoughtfully crafted to illuminate the presence and workings of God in the fabric of everyday life. 

In this captivating narrative, the author embarks on an introspective journey, examining deep and thought-provoking questions that touch on the elemental aspects of our existence. 

  • With a particular focus on the Sanctity of Life, the exploration goes beyond the surface, inviting readers to ponder the very nature existence itself. 
  • Behrens raises the intriguing question of whether the Almighty is capable of change, suggesting a dynamic aspect to what many consider an immutable force. 
  • This thoughtful inquiry does not stop there, but stretches further into the mysterious depths of where and how the universe first came into being. 
Through carefully constructed arguments and philosophical reflections, the author skillfully navigates these complex themes, offering a comprehensive and enlightening exploration that both challenges and inspires the reader to contemplate their significance.

It's a fascinating journey that invites readers to see their daily existence through a spiritual lens, encouraging exploration and introspection on some of life's most significant questions. A thought-provoking read, this book aims to enrich the reader's understanding and relationship with the divine, making it a valuable addition to any spiritual library.