Staying healthy and happy is an honorable goal...  

the problem is that our culture is saturated in influences and toxins that wage war against the very system, a major system called... 
the endocrine (hormone) system, 
that dictates the state of our health. 

The endocrine system regulates almost every bodily function, including:
~ digestion
~ body temperature
~ weight
~ cell growth
~ metabolism
~ blood pressure
~ reproduction
~ sleeping cycles
~ waking cycles
and more.

Tap the button below to learn the shocking facts about what you have been bringing into your home...
things you've trusted as safe for years... but are disrupting major systems in your body and most likely making you sick.

That major "aha" moment set me on a mission to make things better for my grands.

I want the best for them, so I'm teaching them how easy it is to live toxin-free using the essence of the plants as God created them!!

I'm Passionate about...
Living Life Vibrantly
& with Purpose

and helping others do the same.
if you are curious about
  • holistic wellness the Natural way. . .
  • making your home Clean & Safe. . .
  • what the Bible really says about healing oils. . .  
Then we need to VISIT!

Reverend Paula Behrens
✝️ Ordained Pastor + Holistic Wellness Coach 🌿

Hey momma...

Are you ready to:
  • soothe tense & fatigued muscles
  • support your immune & digestive systems 
  • and help to detox your body systems?
Plus some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit…

The Raindrop Technique is for you!

This massage practice drops a specific set of essential oils, one by one, onto the recipient’s back, just like little drops of rain, for truly transformative results.

Centering Prayer is a method of meditation used by Christians placing a strong emphasis on interior silence. 

Research has shown that...
 there are numerous psycho-physiological benefits to this type of prayer... including:

~ the fact that it may physically change the brain and body in a good way. 

The practice of stillness is a great way to... 
~ to engage the mind
~ energize the body
~ and balance the emotions

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In this study, you will experience a deeper understanding of our Creator's deep love and care for humanity, as shown through the healing properties of plants designed on the third day of creation. 

This is a 3-week study:

  • Week 1 - Oils in the early Church
  • Week 2 - Oils and the Priesthood
  • Week 3 - Oils in the life of Jesus.

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