Staying healthy and happy is an honorable goal...  

the problem is that our culture is saturated in influences and toxins that wage war against the very system, a major system called... 
the endocrine (hormone) system, 
that dictates the state of your health. 

The endocrine system regulates almost every bodily function, including: ~ digestion ~ body temperature ~ weight ~ cell growth ~ metabolism ~ blood pressure ~ reproduction ~ sleeping cycles ~ waking cycles and more.

Making the best choices today

Toxins are spread all over your home causing stress related problems that want to steal your joy especially during winter season… but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Tap the button below to learn the shocking facts about what you have been bringing into your home...
things you've trusted as safe for years... but are disrupting major systems in your body and most likely making you sick.

That major "aha" moment set me on a mission to make things better for my grands.

I want the best for them, so I'm teaching them how easy it is to live toxin-free using the essence of the plants as God created them!!

Tap the button (below) to learn 7 simple ways to avoid harmful chemicals and toxins in your home... ya' know, the ones that are making you sick and stealing your joy.

I'm Passionate about...
Living Life Vibrantly
& with Purpose
and helping others do the same.
if you are curious about
  • natural wellness solutions. . .
  • keeping your home Cozy and Safe. . .
  • God's love and care for His creation. . .  
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Reverend Paula Behrens
✝️ Ordained Pastor + Holistic Wellness Coach 🌿

Natural wellness solutions

Gain a better understanding of God's love and care for His creation.

From the peppermint plant to the cedarwood tree, your Creator has designed a plan for your wellness. 

Whether it’s low quality sleep, joint stiffness, or brain fogginess that’s slowing you down, you can wake up refreshed, with better mobility, sharper thinkingand the energy you desire to take on the new day.

Research has shown that... 
there are numerous psycho-physiological benefits to Centering Prayer, including: the fact that it may physically change the brain and body in a good way. 

The practice of stillness is a great way to engage the mind, energize the body and balance the emotions. Get my free guide, The Art of Centering Prayer.

Centering Prayer is a method of meditation used by Christians placing a strong emphasis on interior silence. 

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