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After 20+ years as a full-time pastor... I've stepped down from the pulpit & into another avenue of ministry. I am more excited, than ever before, that I can share about the second "love of my life," the benefits of nontoxic living. I'm amazed at the opportunity to build a residual income stream that is not only will-able, but also lines up so well with my calling to serve & to care for others. I chose to be a YL brand partner, NOT ONLY because I love the products (they are the best on the planet... believe-you-me) BUT because of the heart of the company. This is a company that honors the One who created the plants from which their products come. 

And there is sooo much more... living as toxin-free (as possible) has improved my life in so many ways: Less pain in my golden years (LOL), more energy to do the things I enjoy, better sleep & weight management solutions, not to mention that several health conditions (ones I've struggled with most of my life) are now gone!! 

And of course there's my family & especially my grands, who have been able to experience grandma's special care, that of anointing with oils... when they have a boo-boo, the sniffles, tummy problems, are in need a little extra courage, or just need to focus during study time or unwind & relax as part of their bedtime routine. I am convinced this really is the best choice for you & your loved ones, as well. 

If making a few simple changes would improve your life in awesome ways, wouldn't it make sense to give it a try? 

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You can be a part of Gary Young's dream, getting the best oils on the planet into every home in the world!
The "average" brand partner (ordinary folks) in YL, are not making a lot of $$$ month after month, but there is a small percentage (a group of extraordinary folks who are doing so). I have a friend & support team leader who is a part of that extraordinary group. She has put in the work & it has paid off tremendously for herself & her family. I aspire to follow in her footsteps and want you to come along with me! 

Why? Well, for the benefit of our kids, grands, great-grands & for our friends (those we know today & those we will meet in the future) whose priorities line up with our own.  
First & foremost, it's the extraordinary quality of the products & concern for the health of my family and yours that keeps me here. I must admit, though, that a bonus on top of that (even if it's just paying for the products I absolutely love each month), allows me to call myself extremely blessed. And I'm okay sharing with you today that the average "Executive" makes around $300/month & at that rank, as well as, the others, I have remained "above average" all along. 

If you could have the best holistic products in the world for preventative health care, bettering your wellness and get paid for it, wouldn't it make sense to give the Young Living business a try? 

I look forward to working along-side of you!