I’m excited to share this opportunity with you because it has meant so much to me personally. I could talk about the perks of being a brand partner for Young Living all day long. So, forgive me if I get excited! ️

Before I share anything else, I will say… this is not a business opportunity that is for everyone. I completely believe “anyone” can do it and I’ve seen some seemingly unlikely individuals have wonderful success with this. But it really comes down to what the individual is seeking, desiring and willing to work for. That’s it! So if after you look this over, it’s not your jam, that’s fine! And if it is, that’s great too!

I want to share with you a little bit about Young Living as a company. For me, no matter who I’m working with or alongside, I want to feel good when I put my head on the pillow at night. YL makes that part super easy. 

They are a family owned business, started in the United States back in the early 90’s. Gary Young is the founder and is actually the Father of Modern Distillery in the essential oil world. He completely set the standard for what the entire industry is, worldwide. It’s an amazing story!  His wife had a background in Network Marketing and, together, they decided to allow Young Living to be a ‘word of mouth’ grown business through a Network Marketing structure.
Young Living is a billion dollar+ business and in the past 10 years they have beyond exploded. The necessity for clean, organic and therapeutic wellness products is not a “trend” that’s going away. It’s become the way of the future and Young Living has helped to pioneer this worldwide demand for essential oils and clean products. It’s actually pretty incredible and that is one of the reasons I love this as a business.

When it comes to health and wellness, we have products for everyone. Anyone who wants to run with the income opportunity can find YL products they want to champion. Do you have products already in mind that you would be excited to share with others about? 

I would love for you to check out younglivingfoundation.org to learn more about the heart of the company. They are making huge impacts worldwide through this amazing non-profit organization. They truly are changing the world!
I specifically want to share what Network Marketing (aka “MLM” or “direct sales”) is and what it isn’t.

Young Living uses a Network Marketing business model.  Meaning, Brand Partners are given the opportunity to help their friends and family get started with Young Living products 1 on 1. Young Living isn’t sold at big box stores, you shop through referral links from individuals. This model cuts out several layers of costs and the retail markup on prices, ultimately allowing more money to flow to the individual.

Gary and Mary wanted YL to be this way because therapeutic essential oils are something you need to really understand when using them as a part of your wellness routine. They aren’t just like any other wellness or beauty item on the shelf. Gary had personally experienced the power of these oils and wanted to make sure that legacy continued. He realized the best way to do that was through relationships and sharing 1 on 1.

There are many things that set the opportunity with YL apart. Brand Partners don’t need to keep inventory, hosting parties or events is not required to build your business, and the product lines cover the full lifespan of our customers, giving the opportunity to form true customer loyalty.  All of these aspects of the opportunity with YL are so unique and great! 

You can also travel to amazing places by earning all expense paid retreats, experience world-class wellness and business coaching, and be in an incredible community of like-minded individuals. For me, one of the best parts has been the amazing friendships that I have built through the YL community.
The opportunity with Young Living is flexible, fun, and so rewarding. There have been thousands of successful professionals, practitioners and individuals who have gone before you and succeeded with this opportunity & are thriving.  

From making my own schedule, enjoying quality products in my own home, and setting my own income goals… I’ve loved the freedom it’s given me to serve others in an area I’m passionate about while earning income from home. 

If this is something that you would be interested in, just know, I will be here to help you every step of the way. 

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