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After 20+ years as a full-time pastor... I've stepped down from the pulpit & into another avenue of ministry. I am more excited, than ever before, that I can share about the second "love of my life," the benefits of nontoxic living. I'm amazed at the opportunity to build a residual income stream that is not only will-able, but also lines up so well with my calling to serve & to care for others. I chose to be a YL brand partner, NOT ONLY because I love the products (they are the best on the planet... believe-you-me) BUT because of the heart of the company. This is a company that honors the One who created the plants from which their products come. 

And there is sooo much more... living as toxin-free (as possible) has improved my life in so many ways: Less pain in my golden years (LOL), more energy to do the things I enjoy, better sleep & weight management solutions, not to mention that several health conditions (ones I've struggled with most of my life) are now gone!! 

And of course there's my family & especially my grands, who have been able to experience grandma's special care, that of anointing with oils... when they have a boo-boo, the sniffles, tummy problems, are in need a little extra courage, or just need to focus during study time or unwind & relax as part of their bedtime routine. I am convinced this really is the best choice for you & your loved ones, as well. 

So, after you watch the video, if you are thinking the same, 
I invite you to schedule an appointment so that we can chat 
about the next best steps for you!!