Hello, my name is Paula and I've served as a pastor/elder in the United Methodist Church for 21 years (ordained in 2007). I recently retired from the pulpit, but am still serving God by educating and empowering FEARLESS families to choose non-toxic, natural, holistic, God designed alternatives for their preventative health care. Because you see, every moment is holy and set apart for service. But if we want to continue to serve and help others we gotta' take care of the precious gift of life.

We are all exposed to so many harmful chemicals and toxins on the daily, but God, in His great Wisdom, has provided a way to get rid of those toxins simply by breathing in the essence of the plants that He created for us, way back in Genesis. 
On occasion I will fill the pulpit in some of the Houston area churches, teach a Bible Study here or there or maybe offer a spiritual retreat. But, my strongest calling now centers around educating others on what has been a life changer for me (the toxin-free lifestyle), growing my organization (we can reach more people as a team) and linking arms with other YL Brand Partners (building a community) where we can share and learn from each other, 'cause we are TeamYL. 
When I'm not preaching the Good News of Christ, enjoying time with my family or sharing the benefits of the oily life with others, I'm offering 1:1 Coaching sessions or creating new GO Resources for YL Brand Partners who want to get the most out of their GetOiling website, an awesome one-stop-shop for all the things YL business tools, if I say so myself!