From Grief to Grace & Gratitude
Join us for an ONLINE transformative class. Healing from grief can be confusing and painful, and sometimes may feel like it never ends. Fortunately, there are some predictable processes at play in the grief process, which allow us to actually move through it with grace and gratitude. 

By keeping your energy flowing, you can eventually find your way to a more positive state. However, if you're struggling to pull yourself out of the negative side of the grieving process, additional support can be incredibly beneficial.

This class will be led by me, Reverend Paula Behrens, where we will explore the journey between sorrow, loss, and anger on one end, and hope, purpose, and personal development on the other. 

By incorporating the Young Living essential oils into this class, we can tap into their transformative properties and unleash their potential to assist in moving, ever so gently, from a place of despair towards a renewed sense of hope.

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