Hand-made Clergy Stoles
Make great Ordination gifts!!
I saw a need for designer pulpit stoles for clergy and decided to put my love of creating them to good use. It also gives me the opportunity (while creating each stole) to pray for the person who will wear the stole, that they will be blessed and that their ministry will be a blessing for others, all to the glory of God.

I know how important prayer is for those who serve as pastors, priests and ministers in the church. Because you see, I myself, have been serving as a pastor for 20+ years. Before that I was owner and operator of "The Knitting Machine," in Houston, Texas. That's when God said: "Sell all your knitting machines and go to seminary." So I did and what a blessing serving God and His people has been.

But then I accidently wandered into a fabric shop in Tyler Texas and, low and behold, I was bitten by the sewing bug! I don't quite know how it happened, but the thought of the smell of the steam coming up off of a freshly pressed seam, made me think about my wonderful mom. She is the one who instilled in me the love of sewing, way back when I was a teenager.

So, what can I say. It seems that God is moving me into a new area of creativity. As I look forward to my retirement years, I know that it will not be the least bit boring as I will have the excitement of designing new clergy stoles to keep me going.

Okay, 'nuf said. I have a new stole to create. 


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