This will be a fun experiential time of learning, including the planning, organizing & advertising of an in-person event + I will be sharing the actual workshop content that I use.
the Biblical Tradition of Anointing

Includes 3 - Q&A Replay Videos

Whether your plans are to offer a 1-day event in your living room, a local craft store, or in the church setting... I've got you covered!! 

In this training you will be equipped to...
  • Follow in the footsteps of the 1st-century disciples...
  • Teach others about the healing ministry of anointing...
  • Bring God's healing touch back into the Church...
  • and GROW a (faith centered) team
You will have access to my fb community, The Purpose Driven Oily Life, a new teamYL gathering place... Got questions? Ask away!  

Yes, I may be a pastor,
... but I do love all the tech-ie stuff too. 

I'm already thinking of new ways we can all work smarter with our Get Oiling websites!! 

  • My step-by-step Training
  • The workshop outline that I use (53 pages)
  • Access to my Seven Blessings for Spiritual Enrichment video
    • + my printable prayer cards
  • Bundle for your Get Oiling Website
    • Invitation Landing Page (Template)
    • Confirmation Page (Template)
  • Handouts (that you can personalize)
    • An Oils of Ancient Scripture brochure 
    • “Principal Oils of Ancient Scripture CLASS NOTES”
    • “Seven Anointing Oils of 7th Heaven” CLASS NOTES
  • BONUS Training
    • How to personalize your handouts, using Canva & Word
  • HELPFUL Marketing materials
    • A Leaders Guide (for pastors/faith leaders)
    • A Customizable Workshop Flyer
  • AND more...

first, get ready. . .

to Set-up for a smooth workshop experience!!

In Module One we will... 

  • Identify the necessary books & supplies you will want to have on hand for your in-person workshops
  • Organize the registration process so that it all goes smoothly
  • And get that schedule in order, Sessions 1, 2 & 3 + breaks
  • And then... learn how you can become an Effective Storyteller in 4 easy steps
* You will also have access to our first Q & A Replay Video where we share our stories, discuss course materials + answer questions!

second, plan out your workshop

Planning is the key to success! 
In Module Two I will...

  • Give you opening & closing prayer suggestions
  • Offer suggestions on what to say and what to do (step-by-step)
  • Help you put it all together with an easy-to-follow flow that attendees will appreciate 
  • Be available to answer questions in the lesson chat areas & in the fb group, the Purpose Driven Oily Life 
And you will...
  • Gain some incredible information about how anointing with oils was done in biblical times, as you diligently watch the videos & complete the daily assignments
  • Become an effective presenter of the biblical oils... from Sandalwood to Spikenard, in a way that will be irresistibly attractive to laity & faith leaders in your community 
  • Learn how to tie it all together with the mission & ministry of the Church today 
* You will also have access to our second weekly Replay Video where we will learn more about anointing for today (who is authorized to anoint with oil & why, according to the scriptures) + our weekly Q & A session. 

third, it's time to go public!!

You've got this thing! 

In Module Three you will...

  • Grab your Get Oiling Bundle. Yay!!
    • Two custom pages + a video page 
Then I will...

  • Show you how to customize your sharing & confirmation pages (on your Get Oiling website) 
  • Give you tips and suggestions on how to share with pastors & faith community leaders using my Leaders Guide, the one that I offer
  • Toss in a BONUS Training where you will learn how easy it is to personalize the brochure & class handouts I will provide for you

* You will also have access to the third end-of-the-week Replay Video for Q & A + encouragement + celebrating!! 

An absolute gold-mine, if you ask me... I am excited to have you on board!

I am confident that not only will this course to be a valuable resource as you create an awesome Anointing in-person workshop, but that it will get the juices flowing on how to build other in-person events, as well. 

Imagine yourself leading a fun, experiential workshop where participants are encouraged to bring their Bibles, along with the willingness to participate in the reading of scripture. Imagine a workshop where everyone can enjoy a casual time of learning... take in the aromas of several biblical oils, learn about the benefits of incorporating the sacred tradition of anointing into a daily practice of stillness & leave with a spiritual enrichment that may not have been anticipated. Imagine your organization growing as people in your workshop fall in love with the oils & are filled with the desire to share the wonderful gift of anointing with others, just as you have shared with them. 

God does work in mysterious ways when we surrender to Him, so we don't really know how He may choose to work within us or through our businesses/vocations. Before you make your decision to join this training, my suggestion is that you take a little time with the Lord, trusting in Him to guide you.

Hop into "The Biblical Tradition of Anointing" self-guided training. 
Includes the lessons + 3 Live Call replay videos!!
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This thing is bigger than all of us!!

When you choose to share and teach about the biblical tradition of "anointing with oils for healing," then you're continuing the work that Jesus taught His first disciples to do. Here's the thing. God created the plants for our healing (Ezekiel 47:12 & Revelation 22:2) and God gave us the wisdom to extract the aromatic oils for our benefit. 

  • God instructed Moses and the priests to use the oils in Old Testament times. 
  • Jesus instructed the first disciples to use the oils in New Testament times. 
  • And I believe that especially with all that is going on in the world around us, that the ancient gift of healing with oils, absolutely needs to be taught in the church today. 
And you can be a part of making that happen in your own community. It will be a win for the church and it will be a win for you & for your YL organization!!

Click the button below to get started!!

I'm Ready

Course Reviews!!


  • Do I need to have a Get Oiling website in The Biblical Tradition of Anointing Workshop training? Nope! What you learn in this course can absolutely be applied successfully to improve your lead generation with your Get Oiling system, but you don't have to have a GO webpage to join in and get results.

  • Do I need to have a Get Oiling website to "take the next step" in the second training? Yes! The second training session is all about turning your I-Day (in-person) workshop into an evergreen Online event. Once complete it will become a valuable lead magnet for your GO site. Don't have a GO account? Get started for only $1 + additional bonuses today: Click here

  • Do I need specialized tech for this? No, you don't need anything particularly high-tech to get results from this course.
  • Do I need to have all the supplies before I begin the training? You will gain much from the workshop training, alone. But to get the MOST out of this online course, you will want to have on hand, the recommended supplies (the books & oil blends) you will be using in your own in-person workshops.

  • What are the recommended supplies for this training? To get the results you are looking for, I recommend that you have on hand: A Bible, the "Essential Oils Desk Reference," "Healing Oils of the Bible" by David Stewart, the Oils of Ancient Scripture Collection by YL, the 7th Heaven Oils by YL (Sacred Mountain, Cedarwood, Awaken, Gathering, Humility, Dream Catcher, & White Angelica), additional oil blends (Joy, Thieves, Exodus II, 3 Wise Men & Valor) + YL V6 Vegetable Oil Complex. Plus, grab some inexpensive fraudulent oils labeled "anointing oils" (online or from your local Christian book store).

  • Where do I find David Stewart's book? You may grab his book on Amazon if you don't already have a copy. * As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for using my referral link!  

Reverend Behrens brings over two decades of pastoral care and counseling along with 6+ years of Essential Oil experience into each Aroma Freedom session to help you make the changes you have been hoping for. 

While combining the spiritual practice of meditation with aromatherapy, she has a unique understanding of how to bring sacred healing into the areas of memory resolution, trauma release, and inner wisdom, while honoring the human need for meaning and purpose. 

With each session you will leave inspired and with the power that will help you move forward in life.


If you don't have your own Young Living account, please feel free to reach out to me here. I'd be happy to share with you all the reasons why having that set up can be a game changer for your health and wellness journey.

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