The following foundational points are pivotal when it comes to making lasting changes in your vitality, longevity, and overall well-being.  You can expect that some of the points might already resonate with you, and others might not yet.  I know that in my own journey, I’ve had to pause when a new thought was offered, and to look at how things were working (or not working) for me currently.  If there is room for improvement, I’ll wrestle with the new concept, compare it with scripture, and test it in my life.  I invite you to do the same.
Your body is Fearfully and Wonderfully made.  
What that means is when you are seeking to find the reason for dis-ease in the body, it’s time to stop blaming your magnificent body.  You don’t have a bad heart, a bum knee, a defective thyroid, or a sluggish metabolism.  Your organs are doing their job - and often that means protecting you from harm - be it toxic chemicals, heavy metals, mold, parasites, physical or emotional harm.  If an organ or system isn’t behaving as desired, the root cause isn’t that the organ or system is defective.  The defect lies in the environment.  Remove the environmental stressor, support the recovery process, and the “defect” will have a chance to resolve on its own.  And yes, I genuinely believe this to be true, even if that stressor happened in the womb, and it appears as a “birth defect”.  But it really doesn’t matter what I believe or what anyone else believes about you.  It matters what YOU believe about YOUR body.  
YOU are the leading expert on your health.  
No other person has spent more time with you than YOU!  Everyone else is a consultant.  If they have gone through medical school, alternative therapies programs, etc etc etc, it still only qualifies them as an educated consultant on general health.  It is perfectly acceptable to invite a qualified consultant (or two or ten) to work with you to support your health goals, but the consultant is not in charge.  YOU are.  When it comes to your children, you’ve been entrusted by your Creator as their parent to make wellness decisions on their behalf and to teach them how to make those decisions for themselves.  Mothers especially - you have known intimately your child for longer than anyone else on earth.  Dads, trust their intuition, and use your own.  The same rule applies - that everyone else, no matter how qualified, pales in comparison to your expertise on your children. They are still strictly consultants.
“No one can serve two masters;
for either he will hate the one and love the other; or he will stick by one and look down on the other.”
The modern health insurance model requires that your doctor and other medical professionals attempt to serve two masters.  Because their income comes mostly through insurance, they are at the mercy of what the insurers tell them to do.  As much as the doctors don’t like this model, it’s rare to find one truly dedicated to their patients without any compromise for their true master - the insurance companies.

    When an individual aligns their source of income with the person they are to be serving (in this case that would be YOU), then their actions will be in YOUR best interest.  Whenever possible, utilize the direct care model, membership model, or otherwise personally funded model for your health advisors.
Life has cycles.  Stop fighting them and learn to let them work for you.   
Rest, build/work, play, eat, fast, breathe - 
live accordingly

  • Inhalation/Exhalation
  • Fasting/Fueling
  • Day/Night
  • Weekly (Sabbath day of rest)
  • Monthly (lunar cycles)
  • Seasonal 
  • Annual
  • Multi-year (growth cycles in childhood)
  • Life
  • Hormone cycles (daily, monthly, lifetime, reproductive)
Rest at night, rest weekly, rest monthly during your cycle (if that applies to you).  Late Fall/Early Winter is a seasonal rest period.  (Funny how we feel “busiest” between November and December with all the holiday hustle and bustle - maybe we aren’t supposed to work that hard then). 

You can’t out-supplement, out-medicate, out-nutrient, out-herb, out-oil, out-homeopath, or out-detox a toxic environment.  
It’s a bit like putting on a band-aid in the middle of a battlefield.  While some of the things above are very much part of the full equation of health, removing the toxic load is a huge key to being truly healthy.  This is an ongoing process, but a great place to begin with removing toxins is with personal care products and household cleaning products.  Other areas to explore more toxin free options include:
    Mattresses and bedding (⅓ of your life is spent in bed)
    Water for drinking and bathing
    Frequencies (music, wifi, smart-meters, power lines)
    Building materials

Emotional well-being is a key component of true health.  
Our bodies protect us emotionally just as they protect us from physical/chemical/electrical harm.  When an emotional damage occurs, it doesn’t matter how big or how small, if it isn’t addressed and reconciled in a healthy manner, it finds the organ or tissue with which it resonates.  Much of disease is born from unhealed emotional wounds.  The key to healing these wounds is forgiveness.  No one likes to hear that, but the forgiveness isn’t about condoning or justifying the behavior, nor is it about allowing it to continue.  It’s about releasing the ties to that behavior so that they no longer continue to injure and thus the damage can heal.  As long as there is an emotional tie, there is damage still being done.  For many people, this requires tapping into the emotional roots through methods that bypass the logical mind and tap straight into the intuitive/emotional body.  
Healing is for YOU
Obeying scripture brings that healing.  Scripture is an instruction manual for good health - study it, try it for yourself.  

  • Daily reflections on biblical principles will inspire you to discover strength, resilience, and courage throughout your faith journey. 
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