We are going to dive deep into some foundational points that are pivotal when it comes to making lasting changes in your vitality, longevity, and overall well-being.  

You can expect that some of the points we talk about in there might already resonate with you, and others might not yet.  

When a new concept is presented to you, I recommend looking at how things are working (or not working) for you currently in that area.  If there is room for improvement, I give you permission to wrestle with the new concept, compare it with scripture, and test it for yourself.

I’m also going to include a question I’d like you to answer for me with each email.  Click the link in the email and to answer the question.  Feel free to answer with as much detail as you wish.  I will 
personally read, and may even respond to your answer.
Let's  take a moment to make sure you get off on the right foot here!  

You have access to a vault of information, with pages, lessons, downloads, graphics, discussion forums, and more.  

Just like with other social media apps, you have the option to determine how you get notifications from this vault, including:

        • Where the notifications are sent to (ie - text, email, and app notifications)
        • How often they are sent
        • Which type of notifications will come to you.  
Taking a moment to set up your own preferences for this part of the experience is going to make it far more enjoyable, I promise!   

I'm going to walk through what I personally recommend, and then you ultimately get to decide for yourself how you want to set it up.  

When you navigate to the main menu for the vault, you will see a small gear icon.  If you click on it, the Vault Notifications Settings will pop up.

I recommend a daily or weekly email, and then turning off text messages entirely.  You will see app notifications on your phone, so text notifications would be redundant.  If you wish to adjust the settings for the app notifications, you would do that in the settings on your phone for the Attract Well App


  • Daily reflections on biblical principles will inspire you to discover strength, resilience, and courage throughout your faith journey. 
  • With this versatile format, you have the flexibility to either type in your daily entries or print out the devotional for handwritten journaling. The choice is yours!