Care & Prayer & Holy Moments Online
Join us for an On-Line Bible Study 
by Rev. Paula Behrens
Video Small Group

Have you ever wondered what it was like when the first couple "walked in the cool of the evening" with their Creator God?

  • In our opening session you will learn about the healing gift of prayer and anointing with oil, as taught by James in the first century Church. Plus, you will have an opportunity to experience a liturgy of prayer as we breathe in the healing aroma of one of the biblical oils. 
  • In our 2nd session you will learn all about the connection between the Old Testament priesthood and the New Testament “priesthood of believers” today. Plus, you will have the opportunity to experience another way of praying called Lectio Divina, as we continue to experience the healing combination of prayer and the anointing with oil. 
  • In our 3rd session you will learn about another way to pray, one that Jesus was familiar with, as He often times went away “to a quiet place” so as to listen for the guidance of His Heavenly Father. You will learn about anointing with oil and the intricate role that it played in the life of Jesus. We will close the third week of our “Prayer & Care & Holy Moments” Bible study, with a time of Centering Prayer, as we continue to experience the healing benefits of aromatherapy. 
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