14-Day Reset

14-Day Reset

Time to reclaim your vitality...

A couple months ago my friend asked me if I had heard of the 14 Day Reset. I hadn’t and she said it’s this free program that a group of ladies in my business had come up with to…physically reset.

They have been doing it since last Summer and many of them have seen a dramatic shift in their health and waist size. 

For more than half a decade, I've savored 2 oz of this incredible and delicious supplement daily. The choice to integrate this into my daily routine was a natural one for me... yet, what truly amazed me was the noticeable transformation I experienced once I upped my intake over the two-week period of the reset!

My wins included 12” gone (chest, waist, & hips)… 😮 I didn’t do too well on the daily exercises (hope to do better next time), but kept up with my daily allowance of NingXia Red and required water intake.

I cut wheat, dairy and processed sugars from my diet and was surprised at how easy it actually was. No sugar or junk food cravings + I didn’t feel unusually hungry at any time. I think because the NingXia Red provided the nourishment my body needed. 

I am amazed at how good I feel. My clothes fit better and I have improved mental clarity and focus. I'm still dropping inches between resets and am looking forward to the next one. 
Basically, this is a 14 day program where you will... enjoy 102 ounces of an all-natural wolfberry juice that tastes absolutely fantastic 🍷

It is designed to blend seamlessly with a nutritious meal plan of your choosing, staying hydrated with plenty of water, and engaging in enjoyable physical activities as you see fit. You have the freedom to tailor the experience to your preferences, they will supply the guidance and you just follow the program for 14 days. Most anyone can do most anything for just 14 days, right! 

They host a new Reset every month and there’s a whole lot of us doing it. 

The group, meal plans, support, etc. are all free. I will be starting my second Reset in February and hope you will join me 😊🍷


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