7 ways to living more abundantly

Find the freedom that comes with living life more abundantly.
When I think of abundant living a particular scripture passages immediately pops into my mine. You will probably recognize it. It's the one where Jesus says: “I come that [those who choose to follow Me] may have Life and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). When Jesus says this… ultimately, what He’s talking about is everlasting life (life with God forever… life after this life). 
But I am convinced that Jesus is also concerned with the quality of our lives as we live it now from day-to-day on this earth. We can see Jesus’ concern for people all throughout the scriptures, as He feeds the hungry crowds, teaches tirelessly about the love and mercy of God, and shows concern and compassion to any and everyone who comes close to Him. And the very act of sharing our lives with others, as Jesus shared His life with others, is a sure sign that we are walking, more and more, in abundant life.
So… lets’ talk about living out the life that God gives to us daily. Let’s talk about how we can best take care of the gift that God gives to us, this gift called life, so that we CAN share with others. Let’s think about some of the things we can do, so as to enjoy the abundance of life that God desires for us, each and every day.  
I mean, really… what does it mean to live life more abundantly? That’s a good question. Think about all the different directions you are pulled in every single day. What is a person to do? You can just sit frozen in a daze, not knowing where to start, or you can do your best to find a healthy balance in life. That’s my goal for myself and that’s my prayer for you as we move into seven blessings for Life.
To simplify things, I’ve borrowed the notion that there are seven important areas of life and by balancing and growing in these areas, a person will discover less stress and more satisfaction. And I agree. 
First, we will look at a brief explanation of each of the seven areas of focus. Then I will guide you into a short prayer… asking God for blessings and then into a time of personal affirmation where you will speak positive thoughts over yourself and your situation. 
What are affirmations? 
Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation or goal and are often repeated until they get imprinted on the subconscious mind.
Why should we practice affirmations? 
Because when we affirm a truth over and over again our subconscious will begin to believe that it is true. It is said that you have to hear something three times to remember it and seven times to believe it to be true. Try speaking positive truths over yourself every day for at least a week and your subconscious mind will help you make your positive thoughts become reality. Start today.

Here's an easy-button for adding Purpose, Balance 
& Healing to 7 important areas of your life!!

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