Summertime is full of fun activities, but do your best to not overschedule yourself.
  • If you’re taking a trip, don’t wait until the last minute to pack. 
  • If you’re throwing a party, take it easy on yourself and make it a potluck. 
  • The less pressure you put on yourself, the less stressed you’ll be in the long run.

As an aroma freedom practitioner, spiritual guide, and coach, I deeply understand the journey towards inner peace and clarity. Here are steps you can take, infused with this wisdom, to address and alleviate feelings of overwhelm:

1. Embrace and Understand Your Emotions:

First and foremost, it's essential to pause and deeply connect with your feelings. Recognize the sensations of overwhelm without judgment. These feelings are a natural response to life's complexities and deserve your acknowledgment and acceptance. By embracing these feelings, you're setting the stage for transformation and healing.

2. Identify the Source of Your Overwhelm:

Overwhelm often emerges from an abundance of responsibilities, emotions, thoughts, or external demands vying for your attention. Upon recognizing your feeling of overwhelm, gently explore what is contributing to this state. It may stem from the belief that you need to be everything to everyone, all the time, without fault. Identifying these perceptions is crucial for the next steps of your journey.

3. Discover Your Personal Truth:

With the source of your overwhelm in mind, it's time to sift through these feelings and thoughts to find your truth. Often, we impose unrealistic expectations upon ourselves, such as the necessity to handle everything flawlessly and simultaneously. Acknowledge that this belief is a distortion of reality. The truth is, it's okay to prioritize, to let some things wait, and to embrace imperfection.

4. Tune Into Your Needs:

This stage involves introspection and honesty about what you truly need to move past your overwhelm. It may challenge you, but it's incredibly rewarding. Ask yourself, "What do I need right at this moment?" Your needs may vary - from completing a task that's weighing on you, taking a nourishing break, or simply getting more restful sleep. Trust that there is no wrong answer, only what serves your well-being in the present.

5. Take an Intentional Step Forward:

Armed with the knowledge of what you need, choose one small, manageable action to support your well-being. Whether it's enjoying a rejuvenating walk, ticking an item off your to-do list, or establishing a restorative sleep routine, each step is a move towards greater peace and less overwhelm. Often, one small step paves the way for more, guiding you towards a state of calm readiness for what lies ahead. For me, that was focusing on getting better sleep, so that I had the energy to enjoy the next day.


Better sleep can be a cornerstone of managing overwhelm, offering you the rest and resilience needed to navigate life's challenges. I invite you to enhance your journey towards a more peaceful state with my complimentary guide, "3 Ways to Get Better Sleep Tonight." This resource is designed to support you in taking meaningful steps towards embracing well-being, guided by the holistic wisdom of an aroma freedom practitioner, spiritual guide, and coach.

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