...mom, pastor, grandma + natural living enthusiast 
I have served as a pastor for 20+ years and have been so, very blessed, to say the least. In addition to preaching, leading worship and all that goes along with the ministry of the church, I've enjoyed some other pretty awesome things in my life, including: raising 3 amazing children, being grandma to 6, designing clergy stoles, owning and operating a retail shop in Houston, digitizing embroidery designs and publishing 12 books.

I am now retired from the pulpit and plan to spend more time doing all the things that have been on hold for a while, like spending more time with my kiddos and grands, sewing, knitting, embroidering and... well, just working on being the best I can be. One of the things I'm really excited about is having more time to learn about the benefits of natural living... 

My A'ha Moment
Here's the thing. God created for us, an intricate plan to keep us healthy: mind, body and spirit... so replacing harmful things in my home & choosing a more natural, holistic approach to healing & wellness just made sense to me. So I began to do a little research. It all began with some of my favorite things, in my home and even in the church office. Where do you think I began my research? 

Yes... you guessed it! It was with candles!! I mean really, who doesn't love candles? Okay so now that we agree that everyone loves candles, let me ask you: When you think of them, how does it make you feel? Snuggly? Warm? I used to be OBSESSED with candles. I had them in every room. Used them daily! 

Those feelings you get when burning candles are usually linked to those smells. The limbic system (the emotional center of your brain) is strongly linked to scent. Scents are connected to memories good + bad, so when we smell them it can bring back those same feelings that are imprinted on the limbic system. 

Want to know how I easily removed this unknown hidden danger in my home? I can't wait to share... Why I Ditched Candles