AFT One-on-one Session (Virtual)

Aroma Freedom harnesses the power of aromatic scents to gently guide your thoughts and emotions away from negativity and towards a more positive perspective. By helping you let go of limiting beliefs and past experiences, this technique empowers you to embrace a renewed sense of confidence and inner freedom. 

60 minute session

iTovi Scans
Biofeedback Wellness Scans

Using subtle electrical frequencies and GSR technology, the iTOVi scanner tests and records your body’s real-time responses to natural wellness products! You will receive a personalized scan report, showing you your top response products as well as the areas of physical or emotional wellness those products belong to! 

With this priceless information at your disposal, you'll gain the knowledge you need to confidently determine which Young Living products and practices will seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, empowering you to achieve your desired wellness goals in the upcoming weeks.

Includes 45 minute consultation to review results.