The Young Living essential oils we will be using are: Lavender, Frankincense, Stress Away, Inner Child, Release, and Transformation.

I'm Retired: What now? - Clear Guidance

an Online Adventure
This is NOT your ordinary retirement program! You are about to embark on a valuable journey of self-discovery, purpose, and empowerment in your retirement phase! Welcome to my transformative virtual program: I'm Retired: What Now? - Clear Guidance. This immersive adventure is meticulously designed to help individuals like you rediscover your passions, navigate change with confidence, nurture your well-being, and cultivate meaningful relationships during retirement.

During your journey, you will experience the powerful technique of Aroma Freedom, which combines specific Young Living essential oils with a structured process to release emotional blocks and move you towards your desired future.

Through a series of guided exercises and personalized aromatherapy sessions, you will uncover subconscious beliefs and fears that may be holding you back. 

By the end of the class, you will:

  1. Have a deeper understanding of your desires, dreams, and goals.
  2. Gain clarity on the necessary actions and changes needed to align with your purpose.
  3. Say goodbye to confusion and doubt, and find the guidance to live a more fulfilling life.
**Why Join Us:**

✨ **Expert Guidance:** Led by a retired pastor and Certified AFT Practitioner who has triumphantly paved her own path to retirement, this empowering adventure seamlessly combines retirement wisdom with the exceptional benefits of the Aroma Freedom Technique.

✨ **Community and Support:** Connections with like-minded individuals on a shared journey, creating a supportive network of peers.

✨ **Holistic Approach:** This program combines practical strategies for emotional well-being, using the therapeutic properties of botanical extracts to guide you towards a state of purpose, happiness, and contentment in your retirement journey.

Join an immersive adventure, I'm Retired: What Now? - Clear Guidance, and empower yourself to confidently navigate the next chapter of your life.

* Young Living Essential Oils are required for this course. If you don't have them yet, grab one of the bundles HERE.