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Healing from the inside out with body systems.
Give your body what it needs. Address the core issues, don't settle for a band-aid fix.
Begin with my Overall Wellness Bundle... 
Feel Good Stay Healthy Bundle
The Premium Starter Bundle with Desert Mist Diffuser is your introduction to a new lifestyle free of harsh chemicals. This starter bundle is packed with Young Living favorites and includes a selection of the only essential oils on earth backed by Young Living's Seed to Seal® quality commitment. Pick up this Premium Starter Bundle and transform your life today! 

This bundle offers a substantial savings on some of our most popular products and provides a simple way to discover the power of nature's living energy—essential oils. It includes 12 of my favorite oils + free shipping! If you are looking for overall wellness and the best bang for your buck... this is it!
Or choose a Specialty Bundle for... 

Energy all day—because every part of your day is important.
Tired of dragging through the day? Coffee and sugary sodas aren’t helping either—extra calories and nasty afternoon crashes. Why not energize and nourish yourself instead with this wellness box?

Digestive System

Lifelong Health The Right Way
Eating right when you’re busy isn’t always easy. And sometimes that causes problems with the body’s natural processes.

Help get and keep your stomach working right with the Digestion Wellness Box!

Endocrine System

Lifelong Health The Right Way
In our modern world, glands like our thyroid and adrenals have to work ever harder to keep us healthy.

Support your hormones properly with these products!

Not sure which of your body systems needs support?
No worries, because you're one assessment away from finding out!

Click HERE and we'll set up a time that's good for you. In five-minutes we'll have you knowing exactly what your body needs!

Muscular Skeletal

Get the support your body needs for strength, stamina, and recovery. In this bundle you will address your cell health, muscle recovery, protein intake and joint health.

Nervous System

Keep the signal connected all throughout your body when you maintain your network of nerves with these premium products!

Immune System

Support your immune system, adrenals, skin, hormones, get a full spectrum multi-nutrient system, and support the heart and brain function all in this bundle!!

Emotional Balance

We've only begun to scratch the surface of how our emotions affect our overall health. The connection is enormous and as we work to process and release our baggage, finding healthy methods of coping and growing, we will see so much shift in our physical symptoms. Dive in!

Woman's Wellness

Take care of yourself the right way. 

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a corporate executive or a retired grandma, you’re one busy lady! Self-care is a necessity and we’ve got exactly what you need with healthy lifestyle choices.


I will provide you with a usage guide for all the products in your bundle. My job is to take the guess work out and put the simplicity in.

Reproductive System

Enjoy your reproductive vitality throughout your life and keep the magic happening! And do it the right way with these awesome choices.

Refresh Your Home

Refresh your home by ditching the toxic stuff and switching to clean products that are safe for your kids and pets. With this bundle you can switch all your household needs in one swoop [there it is!]


Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Your routine may be tough but taking care of your body doesn’t have to be. Support your muscles and fuel your energy levels with this perfect combination of oils and supplements.

Healthy Heart

Keep one of your most vital organs running at peak efficiency! Your heart does a lot of work, so keep it happy and healthy with these amazing products!

Glowing Skin

Healthy skin is about more than what you see. Nourish your largest organ with healthy lifestyle supporting choices.


The simple act of breathing is so powerful. By just focusing on and controlling your breath, you can steady the mind and settle your whole body. Breathe easy when you add these potent products to your day!

Gut Health

Help your body process the good stuff and get rid of what it doesn’t need with these healthy choices.

Men's Health

Let’s face it, guys. We don’t always take the best care of ourselves. We work hard and we play hard. Our bodies need all the help they can get, so take care of yours naturally with the Men’s Health Wellness Box.

Good Night Sleep Tight
Sleep is such a seemingly simple thing that can have an incredible impact on our health - mental, emotional and physical. I am so grateful for the time when I can rest, when my mind can shut off, my body can relax and my whole self can recharge. How can we be grateful for sleep? How can we give our bodies and minds the rest that they need? There are many wonderful oils and supplements that can help with sleep, and just like conventional options, we usually have to try a few things until we find just the right combination.

Grab a couple options, roll them onto your feet, across your chest, over your pillow and place them in the diffuser. Supplement with Sleep Essence or Unwind to allow your mind and body to find rest and to recharge. Take a moment to appreciate the softness of sheets, the warmth of a blanket, the feeling of your muscles relaxing as you be begin to release any tension you are holding and dose off to sleep.
Weight Management

Let’s face it. The struggle is real!

Although, weight management is not a body system; weight management can help your body systems work better & that's awesome!.

Here are some healthy options
that may prove beneficial for you as shown
in our Weight Management Box.

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