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From one Young Living brand partner to another, I am excited to link arms with you, to learn & to share about all the things oily! 

Biblical Oils Workshop Training


the Biblical Tradition of Anointing

Includes 3 - Q&A Replay Videos

Whether your plans are to offer a 1-day event in your living room, a local craft store, or in the church setting... I've got you covered!! 

In this training you will be equipped to...
  • Follow in the footsteps of the 1st-century disciples...
  • Teach others about the healing ministry of anointing...
  • Bring God's healing touch back into the Church...
  • and GROW a (faith centered) team


BONUS: When your Beautiful Custom Home page is complete... then you will be invited to set up your free 1:1 Coaching session with me. In our private session, we will go over all the things & make sure your website is running at it's very best.  

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1.0 Custom Homepage + 3 lead funnels course

If you are looking for a quick-start solution for your new GetOiling site, my Custom Home Page Course would be a great choice for you. It is out-of-the-box ready for you to personalize. Your Home Page bundle comes with my beautiful Home Page template, a footer template, 3 lead magnet funnels (already connected into the home page) + all of the customizable Canva templates!! 

I will walk you through all the details in my video training course.

  • Your first lead funnel (The Art of Centering Prayerincludes a video page, an information/lead magnet page + a customizable "completed" Canva PDF.
  • Your second lead funnel (My 3 Step Guide to a Softer, Silkier, Glowing, Healthy Look) is a pop-up on the custom home page & it includes a customizable "completed" Canva PDF, as well.
  • And your third lead funnel, (Friends & Favorite Things), a scheduling magnet for sharing opportunities in the homes of friends/leads, includes an invitation/lead magnet page & a confirmation page. 
    * All three funnels include a follow-up email series!


BONUS: When your Beautiful Additions (Premium) page is complete... then you will be invited to set up your free 1:1 Coaching session with me. In our private session, we will go over all the things & make sure your website is running at it's very best. 

2.0 Beautiful additions (Premium) course

Enhance your beautiful 1.0 Custom Home Page, or any custom home page you already have, with the 2.0 Beautiful Additions (Premium Package). This course includes my easy to follow video training course and sooo much more. You will receive:

  • Two landing page/lead producing funnels, including, my "Toxin-Free Beauty Care" template + a Zoom script & my "Luxurious Hair" template + a sway that you may use as  lead magnet
  • Two Custom lead funnel pages, one about crafting (with a lead magnet offer) and the other about pets & essential oils (with a lead magnet offer). You may use them as is OR easily personalize them with your unique interests  
  • Three freebie lead magnet downloads: How to switch to healthy candles, How to get better sleep & My body scrub recipe. All with landing pages & follow-up messages
  • A Body Systems custom page (with Canva templates), a customizable body assessment form, MYYL bundle training + email follow-up messages
  • PLUS a Map to your Site/Sales page template that will tie it all together, including: Links to all of the built-in GO theme pages, your Body Systems custom page, your Special Interest pages + a customizable section for your unique coaching specialties 
  • You will receive 3 ready-made blog posts + my training on how to create them & turn them into lead funnels
  • And finally you will receive the 2.0 Beautiful Additions (Premium) Page template and detailed instructions on how to add it to your 1.0 Custom Home Page or another existing home page template (if that is what you have).


If you are looking for a follow-up system that is duplicatable, simple and effective in reaching out to boo-coo of new prospects when your lead magnets go viral... AND you want to learn the secrets to creating those powerhouse lead magnets, then this course is for you.   

Are you ready to get the results you deserve? 

In this course you will learn:

  • How I created lead magnets that went viral
  • How to easily identify the needs & interests of your new leads
  • How to use your GetOiling system to send messages that your leads will actually open up and read 
Includes a 1:1 coaching session (1 hour) with me, to make sure your system is running well + do a little brain-storming on the perfect lead magnet topic for you.

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