I'm Retired, What Now - Clear Guidance

This is an engaging ONLINE class designed to provide clear guidance on navigating your retirement journey. Join our group session to unlock the possibilities that await you.

To reap all the benefits that this class has to offer you will want to have the Young Living Essential Oils (Lavender, Frankincense, Stress Away, Inner Child, Release and Transformation) on hand. If you don't have the Young Living essential oils yet, contact me HERE and I will help you get your account set up. 

I will be your guide, accompanying you on an uplifting and life-changing adventure that will assist in releasing any emotional barriers that may be holding you back from embracing the next exciting chapter of your journey. Together, we will embark on a transformative path of personal growth and unlock your fullest potential.

* Once your request has been processed, keep an eye on your inbox for a message from me with the details.

~ Reverend Paula Behrens, Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner