Congrats!! on completing 
the biblical tradition of anointing WORKSHOP training!
You are awesome!
Take the next step!!
... with my MODULE 4 TRAINING
(a BONUS add-on ... after the first 3 Modules) 

Includes 3 Live Q & A Sessions

Now you can use what you've learned and created in modules 1, 2 & 3... to make your own personalized Anointing Online Study for your GO website!! 
Plus it will double as a 7 week in-person Bible Study. 
How cool is that!

  • My Step-by-Step Training
  • Another Get Oiling Bundle (Online Workshop)
    • Vault - The Biblical Tradition of Anointing
    • Class - Anointing Online Class
    • Invitation Landing Page (Template)
    • Confirmation Page (Template)
  • BONUS TRAINING (Branding Your Videos)
    • Creating your logo using Canva
    • Adding your logo to your videos using Filmora 
    •  How to create an Exclusive password protected discussion area for leaders in your Bible Study
  • PLUS... 
    • you will receive the companion "Study Guide" that I created for the online class 
    • AND the CLASS SCRIPT (in a PowerPoint slide show) OR if you prefer to use the iPad Teleprompt+ app, you will receive the script for that, as well. Yay!
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