The biblical tradition of Anointing
1-day workshop
Who's it for... the local church & faith communities

Responsibilities of sponsoring faith community:
(1) Facilities to accommodate 10 (minimum) to 25 (maximin) participants. 
(2) A classroom setup is best, w/ tables arranged in a U-shape & a smaller display table at the open end.
(3) Please provide water for participants during the workshop & a simple box lunch around mid-day (a fee for lunch is optional & will be handled by the faith community).

* The workshop is free to local church & faith communities within a 50 mile radius of the Bear Creek area of Houston, TX.


Hi, my name is Paula. I have served as a pastor for 20+ years and I have been so, very blessed, to say the least. In addition to preaching, leading worship and all that goes along with the ministry of the church, I've enjoyed some other pretty awesome things in my life, including: raising 3 amazing children, being grandma to 6, designing clergy stoles, owning and operating a retail shop in Houston, digitizing embroidery designs and publishing 12 books.

I am now retired from the pulpit and plan to spend more time doing all the things that have been on hold for a while, like spending more time with my kiddos and grands, sewing, knitting, embroidering and... well, just working on being the best I can be. One of the things I'm really excited about is having more time to learn about the benefits of combining the ancient tradition of anointing with my daily practice of stillness. I'm passionate about enhancing my own time with the Lord and guiding others in their faith journey, as well. 

Jesus came so that we can have Life and have it more abundantly. But what does that really mean? Eternal Life, yes... but Jesus was also concerned about the quality of this life. Think about all the different directions a person is pulled in every single day. What's a person to do? How can we add quality to life, especially these days? 

My counsel is to seek out a healthy balance in life: Mind, Body and Spirit,  
so that you/I/we will be better equipped to serve. 

That’s my goal for myself and for you. May your walk with the Lord, be strengthened and enriched 
through what you are able to take away from this workshop.

Reverend Paula Behrens 
 Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church

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