Simple Start ~ Natural Living

There was a time when I did not fully understand that wellness was a wholeness in body + mind + spirit.  I look at this new approach to wellness as “an opportunity to change.” I've realized that even though we can't control everything in our lives, there are smart, preventative choices we can make when it comes to achieving a healthy, happy life.

You see, I had reached a time in my life where I realized that "maturing," was not all that I was hoping for. I wasn't prepared for the aches and pains my "older" friends had warned me about. I thought, no way... that won't happen to me. NOT so!! 

But then an amazing wisdom finally kicked in and with a few simple changes, the obvious evidence of my "maturing" vanished into thin air! I'd love to share what I've learned over the past 5 years (no matter your age), about the benefits of switching to the toxin-free way of living and how you too, can enjoy life to it's fullest.