ENJOY the things you do?

Want to learn more about living vibrantly...

Hop into Joy, Balance & Peace to receive access our  exclusive sewing, knitting, embroidering
  & healthy living community. 
PLUS: Get access to our current challenge 21 Days of Encouragement.

Joy, Balance & Peace... 
it's the goal of this community!!  
We will have weekly announcements, new content, member 
discussions, Q & A, fun trivia & giveaways. 
Yes, I said giveaways!

Bottom line... this is the place to interact with like-minded friends 
who love the things we love. It's about blessing others, as we 
share our various interests within the community discussion areas. 
Everyone is encouraged to ask and/or answer questions 
& share as much or as little as they choose. 

Bonus: you will have access to self-care challenges 
& healthy living tips about things I love 
and have benefited from greatly 
in my own wellness journey. 
So glad you are here!