DIY Seventh Heaven Starter Kit!

For wholesale prices... 

Begin with the Basic Starter Kit - $35
Then add the Seventh Heaven oil blends (Add all 7 or just 2-3 with your Basic Starter Kit order), then add the remainder of the oil blends over the next few months. 

And remember that these oils will last you a long time, because you're only using them - ONE drop at a time.

  • Sacred Mountain $38.25 (Retail $50.33)
  • Inspiration: Substitute Cedarwood - $12 (Retail $15.79)
  • Awaken - $21.75 (Retail $28.62)
  • Gathering - $31.75 (Retail $41.78)
  • Humility - $28 (Retail $36.84)
  • Dream Catcher - $77.25 (Retail $101.64)
  • White Angelica - $30 (Retail $39.47)

If you want to get all the oil blends at one time the best way to do that is to snag the Wholesale Prices (a life-time membership) + the 7 bottles of oil. 

Here's what you'll get: 

  • A Savings of $39.46 on your first order
  • Plus a 24% discount (for life) on all future orders  
    • (a no-brainer for me)!
Or you may choose to break it down into several smaller monthly orders (see below)

SACRED MOUNTAIN brings about a feeling of protection, strength, and security. The oils in this blend—spruce, ylang ylang, fir, and cedarwood— represent the sacred feelings of being in the mountains. It is supportive of the respiratory system. 

INSPIRATION has been found to be effective for enhancing meditation, prayer, and inner awareness. The combined oils of cedarwood, spruce, sandalwood, frankincense, myrtle, vetiver, geranium, ylang ylang, bergamot and coriander have been used by Native Americans to increase spirituality. It is supportive of healthy bladder and kidney function. 

AWAKEN helps balance one’s state of mind and emotions through self-adjustment by allowing a gentle change toward renewal and balance, enabling one to make a transition, and reach one’s highest potential. This fragrant combination of oils is comprised of Dream Catcher, Forgiveness, Harmony, Joy, and Present Time.

GATHERING helps collect our emotional and spiritual thoughts, improving focus. The oils of northern lights black spruce, vetiver, frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, cinnamon, rose, geranium, and ylang ylang may help us overcome chaotic energy and get to the heart of the matter; improving determination and effort. May help bring people together on a physical, emotional and spiritual level for greater focus and clarity. 

HUMILITY helps to bring about healing as we are better able to receive and offer forgiveness. Humility is necessary in building a closer relationship with God. Its use offers a chance for deeper spiritual awareness, and the opportunity to begin healing and finding peace. It is powerful when used with Forgiveness and Gathering.

DREAM CATCHER is an exotic formula containing sandalwood, blue tansy, juniper, and other essential oils that may enhance dreams and visualization, promoting greater potential to realize your dreams and stay on your path. It may also protect from negative dreams that might cloud your vision. Use before retiring for a beautiful night’s rest.

WHITE ANGELICA combines oils which were used during ancient times to increase the aura around the body, bringing a sense of strength, protection and spiritual wholeness. It is calming, soothing, and strengthening. Its frequency protects against the bombardment of negative energy.

Start Your Journey today...

Ordering Instructions

When you click "I'm Ready" (below)  you will be redirected to the order site.

Once in the YL order site Click...
  • "Get Started"
  • "Basic Kits" 
  • Check the "Basic Starter Kit" box (Life 24% DISCOUNT + more, see photo)
  • Answer "YES" to the Essential Rewards Question 
  • For your next ER order click "Customize Your Kit" AND search for the oil blends you wish to add. Your second monthly order will need to add up to a minimum of 50 PV (about the same as $50). Dream Catcher & Gathering would be a good choice = 109 PV (this will automatically be shipped to you next month & you will not be charged until then). You may cancel before the ship date, if you decide to do so. But, I think that you will be so pleased with your Seventh Heaven results that you will want to continue with the goodness
  • Click "Save Monthly Order"
  • Scroll down & Click the "Add More Products" to get the other oil blends 
    • Suggestions: Search for & add (Sacred Mountain, Cedarwood, Awaken, Humility & White Angelica) 
    • These blends + your Basic Starter Kit (with your 24% wholesale discount for life) will come to $165
  • Scroll down & Click "Checkout"  
  • Scroll down & Click "Next" & fill in your information. 
    • The Enroller & Sponsor boxes must have one of our Team member's # (ask them what it is ) or my member# (11300870)
  • Then Click "Continue" to review & place your order...

NOTE: The Enroller & Sponsor boxes must have my member# (11300870) or one of our Team member's # (ask them what it is)
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Basic Starter Kit 
+ Sacred Mountain, Cedarwood, Awaken, Humility & White Angelica