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Let’s talk about the importance of having a healthy mindset.  After the last couple years what better topic to start with than that!

"Negative thoughts invade your mind like ants at a picnic."

In his bookChange Your Brain Change Your Life, Dr. Daniel G Amen identifies ten types of negative thoughts which infiltrate our minds if we allow them to. They are labeled as ANTs which stands for Automatic Negative Thoughts.

He identifies ten different ways your thoughts lie to you and make situations seem worse than they are. Think of these ten ways as ten different species of ANTs. 

ANT #1: Fortune-telling – Predicting the worst even though you don't know what will happen is the hallmark of the fortune-telling ANT. Examples include: "I just had a biopsy. I am sure it is cancer". Nobody is safe from fortune-telling ANTs.

ANT #2: Mind reading – It is called mind-reading when you think that you know what somebody else is thinking even though they have not told you and you have not asked them. Listen carefully to the other person before predicting what they have to say.

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