Welcome to the most effective way to embrace the Power of Positive!

Experience a simple, but effective modality that uses the sense of smell, while working in the limbic system of the brain, to dissolve the emotional charge of negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that may be holding you back from reaching your goals and living your best life in Christ.

Reverend Behrens brings more than two decades of pastoral care and counseling along with 6+ years of Essential Oil experience into each session to help you make the changes you have been hoping for. 

Through a blend of meditation and the Aroma Freedom Technique, she has developed a unique approach to enhancing holistic wellness. Her expertise lies in guiding individuals towards achieving memory reconsolidation, releasing trauma, accessing inner wisdom, and finding purpose and direction.

With each session clients have left inspired and with the power to move forward in life and ministry. 

Reverend Paula Behrens
Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner