The biblical tradition of Anointing
Online Study 
Discover an ancient secret that will help you to replace the stress of any chaotic day 
with a wonderful sense of 

Imagine moving through a fun, experiential workshop (on your schedule) where you will be given the scripture references to follow, as you explore the benefits of combining the sacred tradition of anointing 
with a practice of stillness. 

Hello, my name is Paula & I have served as a pastor for Reverend Paula J Behrens20+ years & I'm passionate about enhancing my own time with the Lord, as well as guiding others to do the same. The scriptures tell us that Jesus came so that we can "have Life and have it more abundantly." So, we must ask: Are there practical things, intentional things we can do to honor & care for, the precious gift of life given to us?  

Well, I say "YES," absolutely there are! That's what this study is about. It's all about finding a healthy balance: Mind, body & spirit, through the ancient tradition of anointing.  

May your life be enriched as you open your mind & heart to this special "means of grace" designed by your Creator.

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