I'm glad that you want to dive a little deeper!
In this study guide you will find questions for each of the lessons, that will stretch your understanding of our Creator's desire for your holistic wellness, a whole-self wellness, not just for the body, but also for the mind & the spirit. Before each lesson, the leader (that's you) is encouraged to watch the video, ask for God's guidance, review the questions, and then go into the class with the assurance that 
God will be with you. 

BONUS: For additional discussion I've created an exclusive area for leaders. 

This guide is designed to be used with the online study. It will encourage individuals to deepen their understanding of the biblical tradition of anointing and God's loving kindness towards them. You are welcome to print a copy of the guide for yourself and for those in your study group.

Thank you for your support & desire to share the Good News of our loving and creative God with others!!

You can get your Study Guide here.